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Monday, May 27, 2013

Active Directory Sites & Services Concepts and Installation with Windows Server 2008 R2

Active Directory Sites & Services for windows 2008 R2 AD Server.

What is Active Directory  Domain Services (AD DS)

It is used to provide centralized management of Network. like rights management, software deployment, access control etc.

Benefits of Active Directory  Domain Services (AD DS)

1. Centralized management
2. De-Centralized Management
3. It is flexible (size can be expanded or reduces)
4. It is suitable (Upon need)
5. Secure communication  with the help of Kerberos (it is a protocol which use port no:88)
6. Remote administration
7. Storage and application data
8. Systematic synchronization of directory updates
9. Replication technology
10. Lightweight Directory Services

A step by step video tutorial developed by Tajinder Singh for MCITP 70-640 students.
Get trained and enhance your ability to handle day-to-day management of an installation and proper configuration of AD server using the Windows Server 2008 R2.


See Video:

Structure of AD

1. Logical Structure: Logical structure represents logical things of active directory (e.g. domain, forest etc.) 2. Physical Structure: Physical Structure contains all the physical subnets present in your network. (e.g. domain controllers, replication between domain controllers, etc) Physical structure consists:  > Forest (e.g abc.com) > Tree (e.g test.com) > CDC (part of forest/ department Server - e.g it.abc.com/ it.test.com) > ADC (back-up DC of PDC) > Member server (part of domain) > Standalone Server (for Network Monitoring) You can get MCITP 70-640 (Active directory) full course details and free training material and test examination at Microsoft Website   You can also read:   
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Group Policy{Software Restriction}
Group Policy {Software Deployment}
Active Active Directory Operation Master Roles Migration
Trust Relationship{Forest Trust} for windows 2008 R2 AD Server

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