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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Earn money listening to music

earn money listening or reviewing music

Check out this site Musicxrey for making money listening to music or uploading your own composition.

Be a Fan member:
You can be a fan member here http://bitly.com/earn-listening-music if you love listening music. You can earn minimum $12 per hour just listening to music. You get paid minimum $0.10 for listening to each 30 second music from the new album released by various popular and new singers or your favorite bands. You need to connect your facebook account from which your music bands (you have selected as fan) they will serve relevant music in fan match inbox. You will also get notified through e-mail when fan box matching profile requests review. That's not all folks, if you like the music and become a fan of the group, you will get connected directly to the music expert. If the band gets popularity then being a fan from beginning, you get many opportunity from the group.

View the detailed video:

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Register as an artist:

Earn money sharing your songs. If you are a singer then you must try this site. The big companies and band groups posts requirement of new singers and song writers regularly. All you need to do is to register and upload your best performance. You can also tag your YouTube video.

View detailed video:

Music Industry Professionals:
MIP can earn big money by reviewing new music album from various artists. They can hire them also. You can demand your fees for reviewing money. I have seen big brands like TMG, sony music, has posted their requirements there

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