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Blogging Tips and Tricks



How to setup a static home page

You might be worried about the look and feel of your blog site. You definitely don't want to show your last publication as main page of your blog. Hence you have started searching the net for information on setting up custom and permanent home page for your blog that could match your dreams  Read More ››

How to Stop Blogger Redirecting to a Country Specific Domain

Make sure your Blogger Blog is ready to serve with the blogspot.com URL always  Read More ›› 

how to hide post title

You may be looking for some good java script or CSS to enhance your blogging experience.  Sometime you find it is irritating that your blog shows your post title you have mentioned while writing a blog on any subject. You have tried to get away with it through  Read More ›› 

Beautiful animated static home page for my blog

Are you willing to know how I have created my animated static home page for my blog. Find below the complete code I have used to create my blog's home  Read More ›› 

Remove The Blogger Comment Box

Let me tell you the easy and simplified method to remove the blogger comment box from all your blogger pages or posts. All you have to do is to edit the blogger template. Here is how:  Read More ›› 


Show your page title before site name in blogger

When you search through Google or any other popular search engine, in search result, you might have noticed that the site name is showing after the post or the search topic you have entered. This is the method to do:  Read More ›› 

set up Custom Page Not Found in blogger

Setting a custom page not found in blogger is very very simple. For this, you need not to be a versatile website developer or an expert java script writer. You also need not to edit your blogger template. The method is very simple and unnoticed by  Read More ›› 

Apply SMO to your Blog

The Social Media Optimization (SMO) is based on publishing, sharing, discussion, social networking, micro blogging, Live Streaming, Live casting, Virtual Worlds and not limiting but including Social Gaming.  Read More ›› 

Useful CSS Codes to enhance your blog site

You may use CSS codes rather than modifying your blog template to hide or remove some unwanted items to adjust to enhance the look and feel of your blog site for proper utilization of available space and better approach
  Read More ›› 

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