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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tips and Tricks on Facebook FarmVille

FarmVille2 Tips and Tricks

Now here comes version 2 of the most popular game.

So time to disclose some tips and tricks on this new version of facebook FarmVille game.


FarmVille is a Strategy/Social video game that combines farming, community-building, and Facebook friends into one addictive package for Facebook developed by Zynga. Where you can Grow and harvest beautiful crops, raise adorable animals, and craft delicious treats on your very own lifelike 3D farm. Create your own thriving farm in a beautiful 3D world full of crops that bend in the breeze, adorable animals that roam around looking for feed, and friends that help your farm come to life. It is time to grow wild!

Rare animals

Accept rare animals quickly when they appear or when given to you. They can appear under the following conditions:
Black sheep: Black wool.
Brown cow: Chocolate milk.

Ugly duckling: Transformed swan.

Swan: Swan feathers.

Baby elephant: Circus peanuts.
Duck: Down feathers.
Rabbit: Some kind of wool.


The seeds available are in the order in which they are unlocked as players progress through consecutive levels. Seed crops will wither if not harvested in a set time.



The moment you start growing crops in your new farm, you also start to receive massive crops randomly when harvesting. These crops will not bounce on your screen, all you need to click on them to activate them. this is a mini-feature in this version. Then a pop-up window will appear, showing you the weigh-in of the crop, which would be mostly random. For example, if you grow a three pound strawberry or a ten pound strawberry all you do without really doing anything different. As per weight of the crop you grow, you'll receive coins, experience  and mastery points towards the next ribbon of that very crop. For example, if you grow a five pound strawberry, then
you'll receive five points towards a ribbon, five XP and a set of coins.


Trees can be bought and received through as gifts. All trees can be harvested according to their fruits/seeds (for example, plum trees harvest plums, etc.). These crops fruit from trees will not wither like Seeds, if not harvested in a set time.


Decorations are often small and can be placed around your farm area. Many objects can be rotated and placed according to your need or look of your hood. Price of these objects range either from 100 coins to 5,000 coins or 3 to 33 FarmVille Cash.


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