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About us

About Us

We are a group of helpful and similar minded people including professional website designer & developer, software developer, highly experienced faculty, tutor, retired personnel and also including but not limiting to social contributors. Our aim is to share ideas as well as our personal experience/expertise with those who are fresher and new to this community. We help them to stand on their feet with the proper guidance. We have also tried to provide several business related templates for your official use purpose which you are allowed to amend at any time and use freely.

If you find any topic useful then please share it for the benefit of others. If you wish to join us then be a free member or write to us at susdmasteradviser[at]gmail[dot]com, we will send you guest blogger invitation. You are always welcome to share your ideas and write an unique article on sites topic with the target to educate people especially freshers and generate inbound link to your website.

A Beautiful Message To Share:

Feel blessed to discover that each new day, you have the opportunity too.

Each moment brings new surprises to the one who has no expectations, who comes with an absolutely open mind. Then incredible things start happening. Even if you had wanted them you could not have expected them; you could not have found yourself worthy enough to expect them. God bless!!

Owner/Site Admin
Susanta Chakraborty

Susanta Chakraborty, Bindiya Das, Vishal Sinha, Sutanu Chakraborty, Sumitra Dey, F Samuel, Dibyendu Maitra, Danny G, Biswajit Bhoumik, and many more. All posts published after admin approval of contributors draft copy via Susanta Chakraborty's blogger account.

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B4/6, Skylark building, Nehru place, New Delhi, India 110019

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