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Monday, January 21, 2013

How to create VHD Bootable in windows 7

How to create VHD Bootable in windows 7

1. copy the install.wim file from win-7 dvd to c:\vhd.

2. Start -> windows AIK - > Deployment tools command prompt - > diskpart

3. DISKPART> create vdisk file=c:\vhd\boot.vhd maximum=18000 type=fixed

4. DISKPART> select vdisk file=c:\vhd\boot.vhd

5. DISKPART> attach vdisk

6. DISKPART> list disk

7. DISKPART> select disk 1

8. DISKPART> create partition primary

9. DISKPART> select partition 1

10.DISKPART> active

11.DISKPART> format fs=ntfs quick

12.DISKPART> assign

13.DISKPART> exit

14. In Deployment tools command prompt, type
     imagex /info c:\vhd\install.wim

15.c:\>imagex /apply c:\vhd\install.wim /check 3 e:\

E drive is your VHD Drive

16.DISKPART> select vdisk file=c:\vhd\boot.vhd

If u want to disconnect the type "DISKPART> deattach"

Go to the CMD

1. c:\windows\system32>bcdedit /copy {current} /d "MY VHD"

2. bcdedit /set {c0aead4e-ceb7-11e0-b4af-94e69d72cf35} device vhd=[c:]\vhd\boot.vhd
   Where D: is your VHD bootable drive

3. bcdedit /set {c0aead4e-ceb7-11e0-b4af-94e69d72cf35} osdevice vhd=[C:]\vhd\boot.vhd
   Where C: is your System Drive Partition

4. bcdedit /set {c0aead4e-ceb7-11e0-b4af-94e69d72cf35} detecthal on



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