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Monday, July 15, 2013

IP Security in Windows 2008 R2


IP security is a built in part of server operating system that enters the IP address, Traffic in the network. It is mainly used to secure the networks and their protocols to divide load of the server or the whole enterprise.
The system administrator can create the ip sec policy to manage their network traffic through icmp v4 & v6.
We can also control the traffic through tcp and udp protocols.

Steps to set up IP Security

Start> run>mmc>ok>console root> file>menu>add remove snap in> ip security policy management > add local computer > finish >ok
Expand right click ip sec policy> create ip sec policy >  next > enter the policy name xyz> next > activate the default rule check > next finish.
Click add > next > select their rule does not specify a tunnels.
Select lan> next > add > enter filter first name > click add again > next > next.
Enter the source address >
Destination address > select protocol type > icmp
Next > finish > ok
Select filter list > next add>next > enter the filter action name > next block > next > finish > select filter action > next > finish ok.

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