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Monday, July 15, 2013

Print Server in Windows 2008 R2


Know how: Print Server in Windows 2008 R2

Printer server is a built in service of windows server 2008 that centralized the printer, scanner, fax. The system administrator can also deploy printers and scanners in the group policy of corporate domain networks. It can also be used to implement security on printer and scanner to their particular departments to the user account.

How to deploy printer in server 2008:

Open Server Manager
Add roles > print document services > select all the check boxes > enter the username > enter the fqdn of server.

Select create a self signed certificate for ssl > install and finish.- restart the server.
Start admin tools > printer management, expand print server > expand server name > expand printers > right click on printer add printer > select add tcp/ip.

Select type of device > enter the printer Ip > address > select standard printer > install new driver > next and finish.

To deploy the printer in group policy:

Right click on printer name > select deploy with group policy > click on browse > select default domain policy > ok select all the check boxes > ok click on add > apply ok.

See Video on how to setup Print Server in Windows Server 2008 R2

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