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Monday, September 16, 2013

Do you really believe miss usa 2014


As an Indian origin Miss Nina Davuluri has won the Miss America contest this time now the people are trying to relate this with the link with terrorism and calling her a terrorist - they are relating specially with Al-Qaeda. As she is not white, dirty minds started showing secularism. Also it is quite surprising they calling her Arabians! What this denotes? Why the hate? The crowning of the latest Miss America has stirred up the ugly side of social media.

People of America has forgot that they are also not American Origins... They all are immigrants as they all were gathered in that country from several parts of the World. Especially from European Countries. It’s just a matter or how long ago. I say anyone that is born here is a Native American. What about Original Americans? The Red Indians? Even The “red” Indians came to the Americas from Asia via Alaska. Did they get what they deserve? Don't you think people who born and brought-up in America deserves the same? Indians have always won numerous Miss world, miss universe titles before where as no Miss America ever won miss universe.

Now about connection with terrorism. India, who has suffered most due to terrorist activities apart from USA. One should not forget the incidents at Mumbai in 2008 when innocent people were killed by Ajmal Kasav and his Pakistani group. Oh  Yes, the new den of terrorism is still being treated as friend of USA, as if they are innocent. What activity people of America has taken to stop generating terrorism there? Can you answer?

If some one wins the top titles of a country that means he or she deserves the most. We should acknowledge with glory.

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