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Friday, October 18, 2013

Tips and Tricks on Virtua Tennis Challenge


Tips and Tricks on Virtua Tennis

Tips and tricks on Virtua Tennis Challenge


    Dear friends, like you I also enjoy playing Virtua Tennis Challange a lot. I have found this is one of the most attractive mobile game available in market. Most of the time I spend by playing this game on my android device. This free game is available in Google Android Market i.e. Google Play Store and in Windows Mobile Market. But to get maximum excitement in your gaming experience, you need to buy the full version. While playing this wonderful android mobile game (I have android device), I do maintain my top position ranking everyday by winning STP 1000 and above tournaments quite easily following some tips and tricks. Like me, many of you have won all the tournaments. Going through this long association with this game play in my android device, I came across some tricks I have learn practically wile playing and applied several times during the game play successfully and wish to share those ideas with you for your better convenience of winning the hard battle.

Trick no 1: Play all level of games

While checking my points status every day or you can say every time I participate in a tournament and win I came to know that every day you should play at-least one low grade tournament i.e. SPT 250 point tournament.

Trick no 2: Positioning you for the best shot

Yes, taking right position is very very important for a player to place exact return shot what he wants. After playing each shot take your position according to your placement and possible return.

Trick no 3: Play according to your opponent’s direction

Look for your opponent’s anticipation. Also watch his movements. Playing repetitive shot on same direction I have own many or most points. Before placing my shot, I look at the position of my opponent and press my screen accordingly to redirect the ball at my will.

Trick no 4: Service

Tips and Tricks on Virtua Tennis service
Serve aiming to extreme right/left corner of the court or follow middle line divider of the court. Do serve while your power is coming from top (full power) and about to reach middle position. This way chance of servicing ace is higher. Also try to serve from the middle position if you are playing single game and from the corner if you are playing doubles. This will give you more time and proper placement of the ball.


Trick no 5: Play on net

Playing on net would help you get smashes and volley with proper placements. Hence chances of getting more scores are higher.

Trick no 6: Use shot variations

Using different shots will help you score more points for the current game play. I use DROP SHOT to bring baseline player to net and then use LOB to finish it off. And my success rate is almost 100%.

Trick no 7: Play per the surface of the court


Tips and Tricks on how to utilize Virtua Tennis courts
Look for the bounce of the surface of the court you are playing. This can be seen while starting the game and entering in the tournament. Different courts has various bounces thus one shot would bounce more in clay court than grass court. Accordingly you can choose your shot to record win quickly.



Trick no 8: Look for foot marks

Look for foot marks of the court in each game. This will help you position yourself in the proper place where you can hit winning shot on opponents return. Place yourself on the marks and position your shot accordingly. These marks are visible just left and right side of the middle line of the court.

Trick no 9: Know how to play powered shot

it is important to use the power shot while playing virtua tennis especially if you are playing against the top ten players. If you do not know how to play powered shot in virtua tennis then it is hard time for you. All you need to do is use your two fingers pressed together to the desired direction of placement (the boll) while concentration gauge is full.

Trick no 10: Use concentration gauge

Do not be in hurry to use concentration gauge to play super shot. You can use immediately if you have become an expert of the game. Otherwise it is advised to use it when you are in good position. If you show hurry playing super shot it may lead to mistakes and you may loose the point. Playing this shot in cool and calmly will give you winning score most of the time.

Special Cheat on virtual tennis: Wining the lost match

You might have lost the match. Don't be a looser. You can still win the same game/match. Yes, it is possible. I have done it several times in my Galaxy phone. Just be careful not to press next button after loosing the match. Let it open as it is. Now go to your main screen. Clear your current mobile memories. Clear and close all open programs. Your game will be closed. Now go back to the game by pressing its shortcut. You will find the same game is ready to play again from the beginning. Voila, start your lost game from the very beginning.

Happy wining.
∆ TOP ∆


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