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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Track your visitors activity with statcounter

Monitor Your Visitor Activity
After searching for a service that would give the statistics needed from the sites visitors, we stumbled across to StatCounter. Publishers and website owners can use StatCounter to monitor actual human activity in real-time. The good thing is that it’s free. Though they have a paid version too but, we have never received a single mail for upgradation of their service. We are really pleased. The free service offers a log-size of 500 which is good enough to analyze your site stat. The free version has ample data with real time graph and intoto (complete) statistical information on viewer/user activities for your site. It’s so refreshing to see a site that just wants to deliver a free and high-quality product.

StatCounter claims it is packed full of useful and powerful tools to help you make better decisions about your website. And truly they are. After setting an invisible counter on your site (which is almost an effortless method), you will get simple summary statistics by which you can easily monitor recent page load activity, list of unique, returning and first-time visitors, recent visitor activity, visitor paths, visit length, entry pages, exit pages, where they came from, all Keyword Analysis, Popular Pages, track recent visitor using Google Map, Browser and O/S Stats, importantly Search Engine Wars and many more. Even a highly detailed analysis of a smaller number of your latest page loads. They also send you report on unique, returning and first-time visitors summary through email which are very useful for record and analyze for performance of the site. The best thing is you can track invalid activities and mark the IP address and block them to access to your site. It is highly useful If you have annoying visitors, site scrapers, or spammers, you may block these users from accessing your website content. After getting the IP, you can log into your web server and activate blacklist option using a .htaccess file on your web server.

Reading the above you might think that we are promoting a company. No, YES a BIG No. We don't have any affiliation with this site or we don't have any link to them. We are using this service for free. And would like to share with our visitors/readers after getting the desired result we came across for a service different than Google Analytics at free of cost.



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