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Monday, February 24, 2014

Modern SEO: How to protect your website from getting banned in search engine

Modern SEO: How to protect yourself from getting banned

Both Google Panda & Penguin have severely disrupted what works for search marketers, leaving many rather confused about what they should be doing to attract more organic traffic. Too much incoming linking and link posting on comments can be a nightmare for your site. In the modern Search Engine Optimization, especially Google treat this as spam posting and linking. Now, due to this, your site gets banned in all search engines. 

Now the question is how you can get this avoided. We recommend posting your SMO links in all the process of your link building postings i.e. link to your social media profile pages (make sure your social profile page looks professional) instead of direct link to your website at the time of posting any comments with link to your site on any website using which you actually try to build some incoming links for your website. The idea is, people will visit your social profile and they will see your postings and those postings of the visitors interest will lead them to your website. This way your social media links will also fetch more followers and followers means more people will read your postings and this way your site will get more incoming traffic. That means your site will get increasing traffics through you social media profiles. AND guys, traffic leads through theses links are being treated as genuine links as modern search engine mechanism passes them as valid lead to your website. We can also count social sharing buttons for any site in this category. It facilitates viewers share your site’s contents and thus their social profile also attracts more traffic. 

We can call this modern link building process as Susanta's Profile Strategy(SPS) or Social Profile Optimization (SPO). The SPS also helps in Alexa ranking. The higher ranking will bring quality advertisements. You know what that means to achieve your goal.

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