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Monday, June 2, 2014

Good And Bad Things Of Google AdSense Latest Policies: Know what are the latest changes in payment policy

You all might have agreed to new Agreement of Google AdSense. Infact, you must, otherwise you can not utilize your AdSense account to display ads in your sites. Now lets see what are the changes they have made.

AdSense Program Policy Changes: We have not seen any significant changes in the program policy.

AdSense Payment Policy Changes: Yes they have made so many changes here. some are really useful. Actually they have made changes as per the demand of so many publishers. Let's see what are the good and bad things of this current policy:

Good Things:

► You can change the Payee Name in most countries. Yes, that is possible now after so many posts from various publishers through AdSense forum postings. To do this, you have to loginto your AdSense account and click on the "settings". Now Click on Profile. In the Payee Profile, click on EDIT link available in the profile information tab. Make the necessary changes and apply. It's so easy. All you have to keep in mind that your new payee name should be matched with your tax information.

► You can change the Payee Address after successful PIN verification in most countries. Yes, that is possible. To enable, follow and process the step 1 method.

► Receive payment through Wire Transfer in most countries. Yes, that is possible now considering your bank has tie-up with CITI Bank. Actually it has been finalized by them after few trials. This means, you don't have to wait for your payment cheque to reach your doorstep 2-4 weeks after issuing, then go to bank and deposit for clearence. In many countries it takes 3-15 days in clearance (though Google demands 10-30 days). Thus save your time receiving your hard earn money. So you are very very happy! 
Note: in many countries like Argentina, India, Mexico, they are also providing old method of releasing payment. i.e. through cheque payment couriered to your registered address. 

► You can now make changes in your payment information till 20th of each month which is being extended from its earlier date.

► Increase payment thresh hold limit. If you want to set more(upper) that of minimum limit you can easily set that. Tough we don't think small publishers will opt for this.

 Bad Things:

► You can not change the Payment Currency like before. That means you have to take payment in the listed currencies only. Though they have kept an option to change the currency but for this, you have to close your current account and open a new one.



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