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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New Feature In Blogger: AdWords Campaign

New Feature In Blogger: AdWords Campaign

Google has successfully integrated AdWords as a new feature in your Blogger's dashboard. Now you can directly manage your AdWords account through blogger. If you do not have an AdWords account yet, now you can create one for you using the link or click here.

What are the benefits of this integration:

You can use this feature to run your own campaign and get more traffic for your site depending on keywords you set. It is a great opportunity for them who doesn't utilize AdWords campaign to fetch new customer for their blog based on marketing of different products or affiliated to any online stores and promoting their products by writing review on them and setting direct link to the store. By using this feature, your blog post will reach right people when they search for your designated product enable them view your review or offer on that and get attracted to buy it following your link and you start earning more and more...

grow your audience in blogger
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