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Friday, August 29, 2014

An Easy Way Google Blacklist And Safe Browsing Check For Your Site


How to check if Google has blacklisted Your Site

Check your site in Google blacklist and safe browsing. Whether your site is currently listed under suspicious activity and/or whether your site has hosted and spreading any malware which may be harmful to net surfers.

Here is a very simple method to test your site for Google blacklisting and safe browsing compatibility. Type the following link in your web browsers address bar (don't forget to replace "[Your site name]" with your site address to check your site at Google Index.

Note: Reports are available for last 90 days period only.

If you find your site listed there in the search result page then use Google webmasterstool to find out reasons, rectify them and submit your request to add your website once again to Google index. It may take a month to display the result. But keep in mind that if Google find malicious code/software in your site again then it's over for you. Hence, check your site regularly with a good antivirus tools like Norton, McAfee, F-secure, Quick heal, etc.

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