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Thursday, August 21, 2014

How to convert YouTube video to Gif without installing any software


A simple tool to convert YouTube video to gif and share

Time to transform your favorite YouTube video clip to an animated clip and share with your friends in easy steps. Now converting a YouTube video to a gif file is very very simple. The good thing is that, you need not to install any software to do that for you.

The process is very simple:

Just you need to add the word "gif" before the link video starts with YouTube and after the www. 


Suppose you need to convert the following video


Now, All you have to do is to add "gif" after www. so your amended address for the video will be something like this:


You can set the time and duration for your animated clip. 

Voila! your link will be ready to share with the rest of the internet.

Please note: It is not an official YouTube tools or plugins. This has been developed by the team Gyphic, Inc who are behind the super GIF-centric messaging application for iTunes "GlyPhic". It may not work forever if YouTube legal team hits them for abusing their site name and trademark right. 

Alternatively you can use https://www.giflike.com/ which is similar to bit.ly or goo.gl tool to convert any YouTube video to animated gif and share.

But we recommend you use software like GifGrabber or GifBrewary for better timed loopage.

Disclaimer: We, MasterAdviser are not linked/affiliated with any of the above conversion sites, hence don't share responsibility of availability of the site or quality of file conversion.

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