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Monday, January 5, 2015

Sample Power of Attorney for bidder

Power of Attorney sample document for tender submission


Annexure- Power of Attorney

Know by all men by these presents, We_________________________ (Name of the Bidder and address of their registered office) do hereby constitute, appoint and authorize Mr. / Ms_________________________ (name and residential address of Power of attorney holder) who is presently employed with us and holding the position of _________________________  as our Attorney, to do in our name and on our behalf, all such acts, deeds and things necessary in connection with or incidental to our Proposal for the “Request for Proposal for Scanning, Digitization of Files and Data Entry for ABCD Co.”, including signing and submission of all documents and providing information / responses to the ABCD Co., representing us in all matters before ABCD Co., and generally dealing with the ABCD Co. in all matters in connection with our Proposal for the said Project.

We hereby agree to ratify all acts, deeds and things lawfully done by our said Attorney pursuant to this Power of Attorney and that all acts, deeds and things done by our aforesaid Attorney shall and shall always be deemed to have been done by us.

For ___________________________

Business Address:


(Name, Title and Address of the Attorney)

The mode of execution of the Power of Attorney should be in accordance with the procedure, if any, laid down by the applicable law and the charter documents of the executant(s) and when it is so required the same should be under common seal affixed in accordance with the required procedure.
The Power of Attorney shall be provided on Rs.100/- stamp paper.
The Power of Attorney should be supported by a duly authorized resolution of the Board of Directors of the Bidder authorizing the person who is issuing this power of attorney on behalf of the Bidder.


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