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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How To Get Relief From Teeth Sensitivity Native Indian Way

relief from sensitive teeth

Hello once again, I am bringing you tips from native India and how they apply natural therapy to recover from disease after I wrote on how to use Garlic for health benefits, this time I am going to reveal how native India fights against sensitivity of teethes. It is may not be a treatment to your teethes sensitivity issue but it will definitely help you get instant relief from sensitivity and I can guarantee as I have personally applied this therapy and got the desired result.. though i am still applying it regularly, experimenting, analyzing and waiting for final judgement on whether this method would completely cure the sensitivity issues of my teeth.

Now, after reading above you are quite anxious to know what is the remedy or solution to your teeth sensitivity issues I am talking about. The formula is very simple and can you believe the items are available in your kitchen. Go to your kitchen, pick the Mustard Oil bottle, take a teaspoon on your palm, now add some namak (salt) to it.
Create a mixture of these two items and apply on teeth and gums. Use your index finger to gently rub your teeth and gums. Leave for two-three minutes. Wash your mouth with normal water. Your sensitivity problem will be gone in few minutes without any chemical and side effect. Isn't that a good thing. What you say?

Note: Some people advise to apply banana peel on your teeth for whitening but this will ruin your dental strength as it will damage enamel of the teethes and after some days your teethes will become sensitive.



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