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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Google Analystics Tools For Beginners

Track visitors with Google Analystics Tools


You have a nice website or blog and looking to track your visitor activities. You might have heard about Google Analystics but you are much confused how to set it up properly for your account to record traffic and your goal (AdSense conversion) activities in much details. So to enable you come up to a solution for your website. You have pasted the recommended Analystics code and linked your site with Google Analystics but you are not getting the desired result. You seem to be lost in so many segments available in the site and you might have been more confused what to do next.

But don't worry! Google Analystics team has come up to assist you with their predefined solution or utility tools for you. All you have to do is to import the User Starter Bundle pack as well as other useful customized solution packs to your Analystics account. Also they have prepared several other useful solution to tune up things. These free solution packs can be downloaded at Analystics Solutions Gallery. We have made it easy for you to land on the safe page.

Using these customized solutions you will be able to track the user activities in details including traffic engagement, visitor acquisition efficiency, really engaged traffic, goal conversion, keyword analysis, branded advertisement text, hourly report, SEO or PPC reports, Visitor roots(in case of cookies blocked in their machines too), etc.

Please note that there are some other solutions available from different users and it is recommended you be doubly sure before import any configuration. Otherwise it may lead to confusion.

Hope this will resolve your issue with Analystics.

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