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Thursday, July 31, 2014

1 simple method to preview mobile site in web browser


Know how to preview mobile site in web browser

After developing a website or writing a blog, you need to check/preview your websites mobile appearance or you have written a blog post and can review your page in web browser. 

But to check mobile view of your page you had taken any of these two processes:
1. You have opened your website in your mobile browser
2. You have logged into a third party website and view your sites mobile appearance. 

But it is not required to do such things. You need not to visit any other sites or use your mobile device to preview your mobile site. You can do it in a very simple way. Yes, you can preview any web page for it's mobile appearance in your current web browser too. Adding a simple parameter at the end of your page address will do the tricks for you. 

Here is how to do with a single step.

Type your website or webpage complete address in the browsers address bar. 

Then add "?m=1" just after the page address.

i.e for example, similar to "www.example.com/?m=1" or "www.example.com/page.html?m=1"which will display mobile version of that example website in your browser. 
Just replace the example.com with your website address.

This method applies to all types of mobile (including smartphone, mobile XHTML/WML or mobile cHTML) versions.

Voila! you will be able to view or review your websites mobile appearance in your same web browser you were working on. 

Here you can also preview your mobile AdSense appearance and make any correction or reallocate its position to attract more attention of your viewer. But don't forget to keep AdSense program policy violation in mind.


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