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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sample Letter On Cancellation Of Booking Of Club Premises

A Draft Letter On Request For Cancellation Of Booking Of Club Premises




Here is a standard draft letter to apply for cancellation of booking made earlier to avail the Club Premises and to get your advance released after applicable deductions made by the authority:

The Hony. Secretary,
Sports & Cultural Club,

Sub: Cancellation of Booking dated 21.06.2014

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that we have booked your club premises (Front Lawn) for a private function for the date 21.06.14. In this regards I want to let you know that due to some reasons the said program will not take place. Therefore this is my humble request to your good-self to cancel the booking and return the amount paid for booking vide Cheque no 123456 for Rs.50000.00 dated 10.06.14 and Security deposit vide Cheque no 123457 for Rs.100000.00 dated 21.06.14 after making any applicable deductions.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Thanks & Regards


Membership No [123]

You are fee to use this business plan template.

Download .doc version of letter on booking cancellation request letter: 

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