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This page contains direct links to various downloadable materials. The download links are set to redirect you to Google drive locations where we host the downloadable files. All downloadable(s) are property of Master Adviser website and/or it's creators/authors. You are allowed to utilise these contents for free of cost in your personal or professional requirements limiting you are not publishing anywhere without due credit given to link of the main post and/or any prior approval from us. You must abide by our policies of utilising these contents for cost free use or free distribution updated time to time. If you have landed into this page from main post then you are already landed on the direct download link (bookmarked for easy use) else if you have landed via google search appearance, we advise you to read the content of the main post first to see if it's fulfilling your requirements. In any case; we hope you will find these materials useful. We look forward to your suggestion for betterment. Thank you.

When You Receive Payment from AdSense, Some time it's difficult to understand how much your Bank has charged you for credit to your account. This handy tool created in excel will help you understand and compare Read More ››

Format for invitation letter for India visit - Business Travel Visa

Avail business travel visa to India, a letter of invitation is required from an Indian company on their official company letterhead duly signed and stamped by the company Read More ››

Work Order for transportation along with terms and conditions

Are you looking for terms and conditions to place order or issue a work order to the contractor for transporting goods from one place to another. Find below some sample Work Order for transportation of machines or goods along with terms and conditions. Read More ››

Sample Format For Issuing Supply Order To Vendor

For placing an order for your company a supply order letter to be issued to the vendor/supplier with some applicable terms and conditions after receiving, shortlisting and finalizing the best and suitable quotation (keeping both, product quality as well as Read More ››

ANNEXURE ‘F’ document version

For Specimen Verification Certificate (For Passport Under Tatkal Only) Read More ››

Sample letter for New Year marketing strategy

Draft letter for business agencies to enhance business as New Year marketing strategy Read More ››

Sample letter for seeking appointment for business meeting

Draft letter for business agencies to seek business meetings Read More ››

Sample MRVCL Bank Guarantee Format in .doc

Draft MRVCL Bank Guarantee in document file

Sample Letter On Cancellation Of Booking Of Club Premises

Draft Letter On Cancellation Of Booking Of Club Premises Read More ››

Sample request letter to bank on stop payment of Cheque in .doc

Draft request letter to bank on stop payment of Cheque Read More ››

How to Create Custom Robots.txt file in Blogger

Sample Custom Robots.txt file for your blogger site Read More ››

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