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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How To Grow Google Plus Page Circle Beyond Daily Limit


Learn how to add more people in circle of your Google Plus page when daily limit exceeds

First let me confess, it is not a tricks it may be a bug in the android version of Google plus that may not work in near future which we have already reported to them. OR they might have enabled this option in their mobile version to encourage use of the software more frequently AND GET ADDICTED...

I always try to add more people in my pages circle to peer with other bloggers or tech experts, photographers etc., using web browser. But we must know why we need to add people in our circle. In Google Plus, when you add people to your circle, your shares are visible to them and their extended circles except if shared Publicly. By adding people to your circle you can share any information you wish to share with a particular circle and tag people of that circle for discussion on any topic or ask some review, help on topic etc... And If some one adds you back then whatever they share to their circle you are in, you can participate on their discussion and get some followers for your page. This could be treated as Social Media Optimization Method.

In personal profile, you can add around 30 people per day but it is not the same for your G+ Page. Unfortunately after adding only 3-4 peoples a denial error message upon limit exceed pops up every time like the screenshot image below.

Image: limit exceed error while adding more people in google plus page

Don't give up or stop there. Yes there is some possibilities to add more people infact, unlimited people to peer with your pages irrespective of displaying limit exceed error while adding people in circles for your Google plus page. Go beyond limit, all you need to do the followings:

Please note: Adding excessive people to your circle may violate Google plus policy for circle addition. Read before doing so.

Step 1: 

Log-into your mobile G+ account

Use Google plus community software available for your Android, iPhone or other compatible devices to log-into your account. 

Step 2:

Use Google Plus Page

Now switch to your Google Plus Page by selecting drop down list beside your profile and select your plus page link.
Image: switch to your Google Plus Page in Android

Step 3:

Use Google People Suggestion

Now tap the icon for People and Pages which has a suggestion list for your page to add them to circle.

Step 4:

Start Adding Suggested People

Now start Adding people by clicking Add link button below their profile name. Select your preferred circle for them to add in. But remember not to enter into their profile. Keep adding more people. 

start Adding people by clicking G+ Add button

Image: Choose your G+ Circle to add people

After sometime you will get a notification "Server problem. Try again later". Don't stop, ignore the notification and keep adding more and more people to your circle without visiting their profile page.

Step 5:

Start Visiting Profiles

Now when you have reached the last name of recommended people list, start visiting their profile one by one. You will see that profile which Google has denied to add to, is being added to your circle. 

Now return to the suggested people page without going any further in that profile and visit next profile. And see all have been added to your circle.

Keep adding more people from suggestion list. Don't stop until you are exhausted.

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