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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Yoga to improve health


Yoga: An alternative therapy for good health

Yoga for good health
Yoga is an ancient Indian philosophy that dates back thousands of years. More than 10,000+ year old tradition, from ancient time, in India, monks are used to do yoga and meditation to keep them fit and healthy, which is now regarded in the Western world as a holistic approach to health and is classified by the National Institutes of Health as a form of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). The word yoga means ‘to join or yoke together’.

Use of Yoga increases metabolism in your body. Daily or even weekly yoga can help increase your immunity system. Thus develops flexibility and balance so to physical health. Yoga can be a great way to increase energy and alleviate tiredness. Yoga increases blood flow and levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells which allows for more oxygen to reach the body cells, enhancing their function thus it really helps to improve health, heal aches and pains, anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic disease and keep sickness away from you. It also helps to increase your sexual activities.


Yoga brings the body and mind together and is built on three main elements – exercise, breathing and meditation. Take time to breathe deeply, relax, meditate, or pray. Each yoga pose targets specific muscles, thereby increasing flexibility. A part of yoga is reigning in your thoughts when they stay away from the task at hand. Use your brain to your benefit by concentrating on the breath and feel full of fresh oxygen flowing on your muscles and removing toxins and healing all your issues. And there are no shortcuts when it comes to lengthening balled-up muscles. It just takes regular practice and patience. So, let's get started.

yoga is used to achieve tranquility of the mind and create a sense of well-being, feelings of relaxation, improved self-confidence, improved efficiency, increased attentiveness, lowered irritability, build positivity in you as well as build an optimistic outlook on one's life.

There are several methods of Yoga. To start practicing Yoga, you should contact a guru who would guide you better through all the process. As per the GURUS in India, they say if you don't do it properly then its effects might get opposite reaction. they say breathing is important as you inhale oxygen and activate some neuero system (good one as well as damaged one). If your some system is activated which does the opposite to block some area in your body thus what you went for good may lead to bad. all understand the purpose of each breathing exercise. check errors while doing Yoga shown in the yoga video "Kapalbhati Pranayama by Swami Ramdev" (search YouTube). You may also refer to some videos of this popular YOGA teacher like kundalini who has increased popularity in mass people of India and increased awareness of having good health.

Master Advisers advise to cut back on heating foods and heating tastes, including but not limiting to:
    ice cream
    hot spices
    fermented food (alcohol, vinegar)
    egg yolks
    red meat
    refined flour and

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