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Friday, November 22, 2013

AdSense: Coming up next Direct Campaigns

Introducing AdSense Direct - a new way to sell your ad space. Bravo Google!! 

You will find this soon in your Adsense account. It's available to selected publishers with the tool "Direct Campaigns" (Beta version). Not available to every publisher now. It will be globally available very soon after successful trials. Currently which is available to few publishers. The project is though long long way to go ...

Though we do not have much information on this and it is running on a beta mode, but we are sure, availing this option you will be able to sell direct advertisement for your website. This will make the process of acquisition of monthly accounts WAY easier. Direct sell means more revenue for a publisher. We hope Google implements this wonderful option to all AdSense publisher accounts very soon.

Meanwhile, if you do not have any script to sell direct advertisement on your site, you may opt for Komoona advertisement network. Using this network you can set your own floor price for a campaign. They will find match for your minimum price and display ad. This way you can sell your website more directly to your visitors.

Wish Google and you all the very best.

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  1. Google is always coming up with new products and ideas for it's publishers. Direct Campaigns will mean more revenue for publishers! Wow how nice.


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