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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Handy Excel Tool On AdSense Payment Credit

Google AdSense Payment Credit (detailed Calculation tool kit)

Google AdSense Payment Credit Calculation Tool
When Google AdSense release payment on it's scheduled time (i.e. 22nd day of every month for previous month payment) in total of your adsense web, youtube earnings and custom search engine pay amount, and credited to your bank account, some time it's difficult to understand how much your Bank has charged you to credit to your account. What is the bank charges applied if you don't get swift message from your bank (If the amount is low then bank do not provide swift message which has all the details). Some time you feel that bank has over charged you. This Adsense payment handy tool created in excel will help you understand and compare with your previous payments. You can download this file to your desktop or mobile device and utilize offline. You need to change the amount and your conversion rate that reflects in your bank statement. You are also required to fill the net amount credited to your bank account. Ref: State Bank of India remittance charges.

You Can Download The Tool Here:

NB: You are allowed to make changes if your currency is different than INR. But you are not allowed to remove the link within the file and publish anywhere. You can though publish the direct link to the file: " https://goo.gl/11wDN0 ".

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