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Friday, February 20, 2015

Earn Money With Google Consumer Surveys

Earn extra money from your website using Google Consumer Surveys


Now you can generate extra income from your website by placing Google survey. You can protect your valuable free information with GCS (Google Custom Survey) and this way your viewers need to participate in some survey once to read the information and you make money. Users are being asked to answer four questions for their satisfaction. These surveys are enabled till completion of 500 user responses.

As per the Google shared information, The Times Publishing Company has estimating annualized revenue around $200,000 from implementing Google Consumer Surveys on their websites. Now it's your time to apply on your site and generate grate extra revenue. Some news website monetize their information protected by GCS and can you imagine their revenue"? the earning was amusing more than $500,000 per year.

Basically there are two types of survey, one is for yourself. Using that, you can measure your websites visitors. And other one is for monetize your web content as a GCS publisher.

To activate survey with your current AdSense publisher id follow this link: Click here to activate Google survey for publishers. Once your account is approved, you will get an email confirmation. Keep this email safe and duly marked as, this will have your Publisher ID and access link to your GCS publisher page where you can find integration code and reports.

After log-in to your account, You need to copy the code snippet and paste it before "/head" tag. Then place the survey code anywhere you want it to appear.

Each survey restarts after 30 days period. But kindly note, this surveys are currently not available for mobile sites.

Scope of Income:You can earn from $0.05 to $5.00 per 500 responses. And I know this is not a bad income if you are running a blog or any kinda websites especially if you have any e-store or consumer support sites. Even I have seen increase of AdSense revenue from those pages where GCS is activated.

You can also create custom survey for viewers of your website at free of cost. There are four categories for this:

  1. General Population
  2. Your Website
  3. Android Smart phone users
  4. Audience panel

This will lead you to next level where you have to choose the format for your survey from the available templates.

Next level is where you set up your questionnaire. You can also add image to your survey as per the template requirement. Here is the picture below for your convinience:

Voila! now click continue and preview survey then publish.

You can get more information from here

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