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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How to get instant relief from severe back pain

Get Instant Cure From Severe Back Pain With Home Remedy


This is out of personal experience when I was facing severe back pain in recent times and having medicines without any result to give me relief from my agony. I have visited Doctor several times, applied instant pain relief gel cream (which demands "Deep penetration, quick and long lasting relief - Bogus!!!), had completed several course of pain relief medicines, used relief belts for my back, my recovery trials goes on but all went in vain and pain continues. Suddenly this morning I remembered my Grand Ma's old tricks on usefulness of Garlic in pain relief and its other benefits. I have also got instant relief from teeth sensitivity applying home remedy. And thanks to my Grand Ma once again.

Two days back in early morning, when pain was intolerable, I have asked my wife to prepare a solution of Mastered Oil with few (4-5 nos) garlic bulbs immediately. Within 5 minutes she prepared the desired solution for me and I have now requested her to apply that little worm solution on my back and gently rub and message the area with it. Bravo! she did it! AND the result! I felt to adore her as I have instantly got relieve from my severe back pain. I didn't forget to say immediate thanks to my wife and thanking my Grand Ma once again and said "I still love you and miss you. You were my best friend! RIP wherever you are".

Now for last 3 days I am regularly applying that solution with gentle rub from lower portion to upper portion on back side of my body. I am pretty relaxed now and feeling much more younger.


1. You need mustard oil - 5 spoon and
2. Garlic -4-5 bulbs of a clove.
3. You can also add little Turmeric.


Go to your kitchen and take a small utensil to fry them. Let the mixture burnt a little bit. At-least let garlic looks reddish brown. It should be sparingly hot; let it become little warmer to enable you to apply.

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