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Friday, September 12, 2014

How to setup Google Custom Search Engine

Know how to create or setup your first Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) and make money out of it.

A Custom search engine helps your users/visitors search for their required information within your site or world wide. In the result page along with the search result, some paid advertisement on related search also appears and if you already have activated monetization for your search engine then there is huge potential of revenue generation. CSE is very effective source of revenue generation for any website. If you have not build any for your site we advise you definitely build it now and apply on your website. Here is step wise instruction on how to create personalized CSE for your website template:


Step 1: First step to create a new CSE for your website

- Go to Google Custom Search Engine Page.
- Log in with your Google AdSense account.
- Now Click on search and then click on Custom Search Engine.

Image: How to setup Google Custom Search Engine step 1

Step 2: Create a new CSE

- Now Click on "New Custom Search Engine" to create a new one for your site.
- You will be directed to creation page
- Enter your website name. You may apply special parameter to define your range. For example, you can define *.YOURSITE.com for your entire domain with sub-domain. or www.YOURSITE.com/* to cover entire site. Even you can create for just a single page of your site or different CSE for different pages with different contents.
- Choose Search Language.
- Give your search engine a name to identify.

- Now click Create to proceed to next stage.

Image: How to setup Google Custom Search Engine step 2

Step 3: Modify your search engine

- Voila! you can see your search engine has been created. And you can see three link options there. 
- Now click on Control Panel link to modify your search engine.
- You will land on setup page.
Image: How to setup Google Custom Search Engine step 3

Step 4: Turn on other options

- You have been landed in Basic Tab. Here you can find some options are disables by default. Time to turn them on.
- Turn Image search on. This will enable your search engine to scrawl for images.
- You can also utilize Advanced link to include or exclude some pages.
Image: How to setup Google Custom Search Engine step 4

Step 5: Monetize your search engine
- Now click on monetize tab to monetize your search engine so to enable you earn on text advertisement links in search result.
- Click on and it shall automatically link with your active AdSense account.

Image: How to setup Google Custom Search Engine step 5

Step 6: Work on look and feel
- This step may be treated as advanced option to shape your search engine.
You may choose any suitable option available.

Image: How to setup Google Custom Search Engine step 6

Have a great weekend

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