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Monday, June 10, 2013

AdSense - How to check ad appearance of your site without policy violation


As you all are aware, clicking or escalating impression on advertisements publishing in your own site for any reason is banned, as it has the possibility to inflate advertiser overheads. We all fear to test the page how it looks after placing AdSense codes in a page. It was (yes it was) really a bizarre to pause the account for few min then check how page appears.

Now, the time came to cheer with no fear. Google has released a small but excellent tool as Chrome extension to view or check the detailed DATA and target of ads on your page without the risk of invalid click activity. But be careful, you should not click on your own ads though. All the page refreshes and clicks are not ignored anyway. So it is advised to check the site when you think it is completely ready.

Yes, you can do it by using the AdSense Publisher Toolbar. But keep in mind this plug-in is for you to view up-to-date information about your account while browsing your site in Chrome (You should be logged in using your AdSense account before you do anything).

Google Publisher Toolbar Screen Shot
Google Publisher Toolbar Screen Shot

This plug-in has features like:

> Block Unwanted Advt
Using this tool you can review all the advertisements appearing on your webpage and block unmatched, unlikely and irrelevant ads. So your visitors can see the matching advertisements as per their search and you will see robust increase in your earnings for sure. This is very important SEO technique to apply for better result in your calculated final revenue.

> Account overview pop-up:  
This helps you to get the complete DATA (site information) via an icon which you will find on the top right corner of the browser page.

> In-site ad overlays
This helps you to get detailed information of running ads in your site. This also enable you to try a test click on Running ads in your page without get counted and without fear of click spam.

> An "Ad Details" window (Not available who are serving through DFP {DoubleClick for Publishers}):

which is available from any overlay - that gives you a detailed view of a running advt as well as controls to block some unwanted ad unit, a URL or a network. You can also use this option to report with an advt. 

This is such an excellent tool and giving you option on top of each ad unit - it shows ad types, size, ad unit performance stats,  display destination URL and many options including block the advertiser, report malware, phishing, security threads and even about the landing page. so it's an excellent tool in my opinion.
Voila! Enjoy!! happy earning!!

Know the drawbacks of this extension:

> Once it is installed and active, you can not use Google search results. I mean you will not be able to click on any search results you look for information. 
> Ad Overlays on sites which are not of your own. Though you will not be able to do anything on their ads. And probably/unfortunately they will not be credited on your view.
Sometime it freezes sites on page load. 
> It can not store log-in information, so it asks for the same info even you are logged in. It's may be Chrome updates itself in background. Probable solution of this problem is to uninstall and re-install again. 

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