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Friday, November 20, 2015

How I quit smoking in a week - A Chain Smokers Biography

Know how I have quit my chain smoking habit of consuming 60 cigarettes daily. A tips to quit smoking cigarettes easily.

Note from MA: This tips to quit smoking is the share of personal experience of writers own life! How he fought against addiction and overcome. When there is true desire, we can overcome any situation. Quit any addiction with determination and stay healthy. US citizens can Get FREE Healthy Samples from Quality Health!

quit smoking cigarette - www.masteradviser.blogspot.com.pngI have started smoking when I was in 8th standard. Those days it was curiosity and fun. My father was also a long term chain smoker (died pathetically due to smoking. It was horrible painful death). I used to see him smoking all the time, lighting one cigarette after another, even lighting another one using current counters(burnt ends). It has inspired me to try the object and explore the real excitement behind. The attraction was so strong that my cousin and I decided to try. Lol, he was the first culprit who began to cough immediately. Then I follow. I took a careful inhale and the test was ridiculous to me. I began to cough too. Knock Knock Knock!!! Mother were on the door. Ohhh! we had no place to hide...

The taste of cigarettes boosts when I went to high school. Found many friends with similar addiction. Smokers, drinkers, riders... Everyone's motto were same, to taste new things. Life were about to have fun always. Everyone shouts if you have tension, smoke to relax. That's how I became addicted to smoking. (It went beyond though...). Many times I have tried to quite cigarette smoking but it was not that easy. Like others, I also couldn't resist more than two three days. The addiction was so strong! I started to smoke 50-60 king size cigarettes and 2 nos of "Bidi" (Indian product without filter) daily. I used to smoke 3 consecutive cigarettes at a go.

After several years (probably 18-20 years), I suddenly felt some pain in my throat. It was some feeling of drying thing that pooling veins there. I have then decided to quite smoking permanently. I had set-up my mind to quite instantly. This was not easy job as we all know and as I have failed several times in past.

One morning I didn't smoke and convinced myself: "That's it! No more cigarette! I don't want to die like my father". I was determined.

But how to avoid the pulling and other side effects? well I have faced many side effects of cigarette smoking. Withdrawal symptoms like, there were drowsiness always, throats were dried always, began to cough most of the time, abdominal pain, gas formation, etc,.

It was so painful as my mind was asking for atleast one inhale. Why this was happening? I knew what was bothering; the reason behind. Consumed Nicotine level in my body were coming down. Thus creating much affection and addiction to cover up level. I didn't opt any other things like, chewing gum, pan masala, electronic cigarette (didn't want to fight for to quit electronic cigarette too) to support quit smoking or any other quit smoking aids. My memories were loosing and I couldn't concentrate on any activities I was doing.

But I din't give up. I was determined to quit cigarette. Do you want to know what helped me most? Medicine? Rehab? Answer is big NO.

WATER! Yes, lots and lots of Water helped me cope up with my addiction. Yes consuming plenty of water won the battle I have started.
drink water daily - masteradviser.blogspot.com.png

Whenever I felt like smoking I used to have water. Sometime chilled water. Full of my capacity, till it covered all spaces available in my body, till I feel like a single drop of water will cause vomiting, till I don't feel satisfied within myself. This took me a week when I have found the result (Which may vary as per your body consumption if you wish to stop smoking to have a good health). After a week I have tried to test one cigarette, but didn't like it. Taste were not attractive to my tongue. And then after I have never look back. But didn't stop consuming plenty of water for several months. Now, after 5 years or so, I am really okay. Even if some smell of cigarette comes on air, I hate the person who's smoking.

US citizens can Get FREE Healthy Samples from Quality Health!

My next target was to quite drinking. To become an abstainer. Did I succeed? Of-course I did. Read the story how I have become an abstainer.


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