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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

sample request letter on stop payment of cheque to bank

sample free business template for request letter on stop payment of cheque to your bank



Find below a sample request letter to bank on stop payment of Cheque/Check. This can be utilized in any industry like auto insurance industry, financial services industry, telecom service industry, automobile companies, especially attorney service providers and all other corporate and even an individual can use this format freely to meet their necessary to address bank for stop payment instruction in case of no service or poor service or poor quality product received from the marketer/seller/manufacturer. This will enable you control over financial and time losses due to above circumstances and fetch proper service.

Date: 09.07.2014

The Manager,
ABCD Bank,
New Delhi

Subject: Stop Payment of Cheque No.123456 dated 07.07.2014

Ref.: Account, No.- 123456789

Dear Sir,

Apropos in reference to the captioned subject, I/we hereby request you to kindly stop the payment of Cheque No.123456 dated 07.07.2015 issued in favor of “AAA LIMITED” amounting Rs.100,000.00 with immediate effect.

Kindly do the needful at earliest.

Thanking you in anticipation,


You are free to use this business plan template for your daily banking work activities but you are not authorized to publish this banking templates anywhere with any alteration or spinning.

Download .doc version of draft letter on cancellation of cheque: 


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