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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

sample letter for seeking appointment for a business meeting

Draft letter for seeking an business appointment

sample letter for requesting an appointment for a business meetingFind below sample letter for requesting an appointment for a business meeting prepared by master adviser to help you enhance your auto insurance business and/or suits all kind of business/technical activities a company has. You can also individually setup a business meeting to approach for financial services like loans, mortgages or any kind of service like attorney services, technical bid discussions meetings etc.. You are authorized to freely use this business plan template and make any required amendments, print it on your company's official stationery, sign and stamp and then submit the hard copy by hand/courier or scanned copy through email.
Ref: [Your Reference Number]
The Honorable
[Name whom to meet]
 KIND ATTN.: [Mr.  ]
Sub:       Request for an appointment on [Specify subject].
Ref:        [Relative reference no, if any]
Dear Sir,
Apropos, I am writing to request an appointment for myself and other constituents to meet with you to discuss [further] on the referenced matter [continue if you wish to add any relative issues]
Our group shall include the following individuals:
1.       [Name, Designation, Company Name]
2.       [Name, Designation, Company Name]
3.       [Name, Designation, Company Name]
I look forward to hearing from you regarding your availability to meet at earliest [You can also mention your desire dates]. Please confirm the earliest convenient date and share with us on [email id].
We look forward to receiving your esteemed support in this regard.
For [Company Name]
[Your Name]
[Phone Numbers]

Download .doc version of sample letter for appointment:  Go to download page for document file of sample letter for requesting an appointment for a business meeting


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