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Monday, January 5, 2015

sample address change intimation letter to insurance company

Sample address change intimation letter to insurance company


Find below a sample address change letter to insurance company which can be utilized for any other insurance company or any other purposes.


The Divisional Manager,
United India Insurance Company Limited
Divisional Office No. 00
New Delhi

Sub: Change of Address
Ref: Policy no. 040700/00/00/00/00000001  


Apropos above, this is to inform you that, we have shifted our address from 101, example street, New Delhi to a new place. Our current address is as below:

My Company Name,
B-no, Example Lane, 
New Delhi 110000
Ph. No. 011-123456789
Email: example@example.com

Therefore we request you to kindly update your record for any future correspondence.

Thanking you,


For My Company Name

Authorised Signatory

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