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Monday, January 5, 2015

Sample letter to bank on change of Authorized Signatory

Know how to write a letter to change authorized signatory in bank account



You have prepared board resolution as per the format given in the Change of Authorised Signatory in bank along with board resolution. Now find the sample letter to bank on Change of Authorized Signatory to be submitted to the Bank as a covering letter along with the board resolution.

[on letter head of company]

The Manager
Bank Limited 
Delhi - 01

Sub: Change of Authorised Signatory.


In reference to the above captioned subject, Please take note that Board of Directors in the Board Meeting held on 21ST June 2014, have decided that Mr. (Entity Three) in place of Mr. (Entity Two) shall be authorized signatory for the Current Account No. 123456789 in your Bank in the name of M/s ABCD Company Pvt. Ltd. on behalf of Mr. (Entity One) to sign the Cheques along with Mr. (Entity Four).

Further, to give effect to the above, a copy of Board Resolution and specimen of signatures of Mr. (Entity Three) has been enclosed herewith as annexure A-1 & A-2.

For ABCD Company Pvt. Ltd. 


Encl. 1. Board Resolution.
         2.    Specimen Signatures of Mr. (Entity Three) [find below]

[on letter head of company]

Specimen Signatures of Mr. (Entity Three) :




For ABCD Company Pvt. Ltd. 


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