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Monday, January 5, 2015

sample letter to bank on release of bank guarantee amount

Let us know how to write a letter to bank to release bank guarantee or tender guarantee



sample letter to bank on release of bank guarantee amount

Ref: GP/ABCDE/OTHCO/TGR/ Date: 20.10.2014

Some Place,

Sub: Purchase Order No. M00000/EPF00002 dated 19.01.2014; consequently amended on 13.03.2014 Advance Bank Guarantee No. 00000000FG0000326 dated 13.02.2014 issued on behalf of M/s Example Company Ltd.

Dear Sir,

Since Example Company Ltd has already discharged all its obligations under the said Purchase Order and having had Performance Guarantee timely submitted, we seek urgently your cooperation for the following:

1. Return of the original Advance Bank Guarantee to our Head Office or Branch, for enabling our submission of the same to the issuing bank and have Example Company Ltd receive the guarantee amount back to its account.

2. A letter addressed to Example Company Ltd that the vendor has fulfilled its requirement by supplying the material as per Purchase Order, hence ABCDE COMPANY LTD. confirms that original ABG along with extension dated 31.03.2014 of the said Advance Bank Guarantee stands released.

Thanks in advance for your kind cooperation for immediate addressal of our request.

Thanking you,

For Example Company Ltd.

[Name of Authorized Signatory]
Authorized Signatory  

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