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Publisher Tips

Tips for Publishers and Digital Marketers

YouTube: How to increase subscriber for your Channel

20 Top Converting Diabetes Keywords

Those are writing or selling their products based on diabetes, or any affiliate products and running some CPC campaign here is the solution. Read More ››
YouTube: How to increase subscriber for your Channel

YouTube: How to increase subscriber for your Channel

Know how to increase subscriber for your YouTube Channel. Set up script for your viewers automatic subscription. Read More ››
AdSense: How to test your sites advertisement

AdSense: How to test your sites advertisement

As you all are aware, clicking or escalating impression on advertisements publishing in your own site for any reason is banned, as it has the possibility to inflate advertiser overheads. We all fear to test the page how it looks after placing AdSense codes in a page. It was (yes it was) really a bizarre to pause the account for few min then check how page appears. Now, the time came to cheer with no fear. Read More ››

AdSense: Inside Google New AdSense Interface

When you log into your publisher account, a window with “Try the new AdSense interface” will popup. When you click on “give it a try” then you are in with a brand new look of AdSense dashboard.  Read More ››

Track your visitors activity with statcounter

Publishers and website owners can use StatCounter to monitor actual human activity in real-time. Which is differnt that Google Analytic. The good thing is that it’s free.  Read More ››

Google Analystics Tools For The Beginners

Useful tool kit from Google Analytics team for the beginners to setup various tracking methods and generate reports  Read More ››

AdSense: Coming up next "Direct Campaigns"

You will find this soon in your Adsense account. It's available to selected publishers with the tool "Direct Campaigns" (Beta version). Not available to every publisher now. It will be globally available very soon after  Read More ››

How to ensure easily that mobile advertisement is working for your Blogger site

Ensure you have enabled automatic advertisement for mobile version of your blogger site  Read More ››

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