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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sample address proof letter from employer

Sample address proof letter from Employer to a New Employee.

[Amended on September 06, 2016]

Find below a sample letter for address proof from an employer to a new employee/ joinee at project site. This letter gives proof of current address of an employee for security purpose. Also support them fulfill their social and financial requirements. This will help get a new telephone/ mobile connection and any other purpose like open bank account, police verification, install broadband/ internet connection, buy insurance policy, apply for parking space, etc.

[on official letter head of the company]

Ref: (Your Letter Reference No)
Date: 06.09.2016


This is to certify that Mr. Some One, S/o Senior One is working with us as an accountant since 06.09.2016. He is residing in our staff quarter at house no. V440, Sector – 3, New Delhi as per company employee records.

This certificate is being issued to him as an address proof for opening a new bank account and to enable him obtaining a new telephone/ internet/ mobile connection. 

It is not valid for any other purpose.

For Example Company Pvt. Ltd,




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