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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

We Thank Our Visitors for Google AdSense Achievement

Thanks Visitors for Google AdSense Achievement

We heartily thank our visitors (both web and mobile visitors) for this adsense achievement. This means visitors of our website has enjoyed reading many good articles including, but not limiting to Tutorials on Information Technology, Blogger Tips for newbies, Health Tips, mobile gaming tips, use spice as medicine, as well as social responsibilities. Having a very low visitor site (about 1000 visitors daily - mostly organic visitors, few from social media and many from YouTube channel) we feel proud not for this achievement, but the way we have made useful articles for beginners as well as professionals. We also thank to our writers for writing such helpful informative articles free of cost to help even a single person over the net. Our motto was to provide useful information for our visitors that is not keyword targeted or written to search engine rankings. This site is neither optimized for Search Engine nor social media optimized or Google AdSense earningsThis is not a perfect niche site for making money. We are in-fact not making good money, but we are happy to see people enjoy topics published here. We have made good content for sure. That's why Google Analytics data reflect, we have low bounce rate and good page views/impressions. A visitor has gone through more than one article and found useful that is the main achievement.

We thank our viewers again and promise to continue publishing most informative articles for your utility in the future.


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