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Monday, September 29, 2014

Statcounter app is now available on Android and iOS

Track visitors with Statcounter app available for Android and iOS


Good News for webmasters and website owners and Great News for those who feel uncomfortable with Google Analystics. In our early post we have mentioned how to track your visitors Stats with statcounter. Now extending to the web facility the company has launched on September 29, 2014 their independent web analystics tool for Android and iOS to track your website visitors activity in real time on the move. You can download apps from iTunes and Google Play sites now.


- You can track your visitors activity in real time on move.
- View traffic trends and compare with last week.
- View most viewed pages and traffic came from.
- Enable you to prevent any misuse or harmful activity by your viewers/users.

Chances of Improvement:
- App download link shows error many a times.
- Sometime troubles while logging-in.
- Misses visitor paths option.
- Select date range.
- Very few data displayed. 
- Doesn't store data for offline view.
- Get detailed activity of user (there is inactive magnifying glass on each list.
- Missing widget.
- Software required to provide data loaded faster on 3G connectivity.
- If you are using free account then you will see some in-apps advertisement that can be removed by upgrading your account.


Complete review story building...


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mangalyaan (MoM) success: India creats history

Update on Mission Mars by India

India’s mission to MARS: An UpdateThe medium gear antenna is active now.

India on a mission to Mars: an update
India created history this morning accomplishing Mangalyaan (MOM - Mars Orbiter Mission) when the space craft entered the red planet orbit at 7:47 IST. This is the record for first time a country achieved success in debut mission to the red planet. It is also one of the cheapest interplanetary mission ever. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has witnessed the final stage while it was a tensed moment for final 20 minutes while space shuttle were hidden at the time of entering the Mars orbiter. The craft were hiding behind the red planet and poor radio signal were available kept scientist in suspense. First time a perfect signal captured by the Australian tracking system about its successful insertions.

This is a smooth journey for PSLV-C25 Spacecraft since its launch on November 05, 2013. It will employ 5 equipments about 423 km above surface of Mars planet to collect DATA for scientific studies.

Indian PM Narendra modi greeted the nation for its grant success and inspired ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) Scientists and the future generation of India "We have achieved near impossible". "This is a symbol of what we are capable of as a nation. Despite our many limitations we have succeeded".

The EU, US and Russia are only other 3 nations successfully managed to orbit or land on the red planet but after several attempt. Only 21 tries succeeded till now.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How to create circle shape of an image with inline css script

CSS styling rounded corners and shadow for images - Know how to create circle shape of a particular image with inline css script compatible to all browsers.


This will give your image a circle look instead of square or radius look. It is just similar to your Google + profile. This is in extend to my previous blog on How to remove or add image border and shadow to a particular image in blogger that was a part of CSS Codes to tune up your blog site.

This effect I have searched web using google, bing, yahoo but didn't get the desired code or a similar example. I have got some ideas and then started playing with the css script and come to the conclusion. The result is given below. You may also scroll down and point to left for "POPULAR POSTS" gadget for live example of application of the code.

You can copy paste the following code for your image tag:

img style='clear: both; border-radius:20em 20em 20em 20em; padding:1em; -moz-border-radius:20em 20em 20em 20em; -webkit-border-radius:20em 20em 20em 20em; -opera-border-radius:20em 20em 20em 20em; -khtml-border-radius:20em 20em 20em 20em;border: 1px solid #a1a1a1;' height="150" width="150"

Keep image height and width attribute same to give it a perfect circle shape. You may also play around with the code above to get desired look and feel (shape) for your image. Alternatively you can use "%"(e.g. 50% for a perfect circle) instead of defining any size.


Before applying code

After applying code

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Friday, September 12, 2014

How to setup Google Custom Search Engine

Know how to create or setup your first Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) and make money out of it.

A Custom search engine helps your users/visitors search for their required information within your site or world wide. In the result page along with the search result, some paid advertisement on related search also appears and if you already have activated monetization for your search engine then there is huge potential of revenue generation. CSE is very effective source of revenue generation for any website. If you have not build any for your site we advise you definitely build it now and apply on your website. Here is step wise instruction on how to create personalized CSE for your website template:


Step 1: First step to create a new CSE for your website

- Go to Google Custom Search Engine Page.
- Log in with your Google AdSense account.
- Now Click on search and then click on Custom Search Engine.

Image: How to setup Google Custom Search Engine step 1

Step 2: Create a new CSE

- Now Click on "New Custom Search Engine" to create a new one for your site.
- You will be directed to creation page
- Enter your website name. You may apply special parameter to define your range. For example, you can define *.YOURSITE.com for your entire domain with sub-domain. or www.YOURSITE.com/* to cover entire site. Even you can create for just a single page of your site or different CSE for different pages with different contents.
- Choose Search Language.
- Give your search engine a name to identify.

- Now click Create to proceed to next stage.

Image: How to setup Google Custom Search Engine step 2

Step 3: Modify your search engine

- Voila! you can see your search engine has been created. And you can see three link options there. 
- Now click on Control Panel link to modify your search engine.
- You will land on setup page.
Image: How to setup Google Custom Search Engine step 3

Step 4: Turn on other options

- You have been landed in Basic Tab. Here you can find some options are disables by default. Time to turn them on.
- Turn Image search on. This will enable your search engine to scrawl for images.
- You can also utilize Advanced link to include or exclude some pages.
Image: How to setup Google Custom Search Engine step 4

Step 5: Monetize your search engine
- Now click on monetize tab to monetize your search engine so to enable you earn on text advertisement links in search result.
- Click on and it shall automatically link with your active AdSense account.

Image: How to setup Google Custom Search Engine step 5

Step 6: Work on look and feel
- This step may be treated as advanced option to shape your search engine.
You may choose any suitable option available.

Image: How to setup Google Custom Search Engine step 6

Have a great weekend

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How to get instant relief from severe back pain

Get Instant Cure From Severe Back Pain With Home Remedy


This is out of personal experience when I was facing severe back pain in recent times and having medicines without any result to give me relief from my agony. I have visited Doctor several times, applied instant pain relief gel cream (which demands "Deep penetration, quick and long lasting relief - Bogus!!!), had completed several course of pain relief medicines, used relief belts for my back, my recovery trials goes on but all went in vain and pain continues. Suddenly this morning I remembered my Grand Ma's old tricks on usefulness of Garlic in pain relief and its other benefits. I have also got instant relief from teeth sensitivity applying home remedy. And thanks to my Grand Ma once again.

Two days back in early morning, when pain was intolerable, I have asked my wife to prepare a solution of Mastered Oil with few (4-5 nos) garlic bulbs immediately. Within 5 minutes she prepared the desired solution for me and I have now requested her to apply that little worm solution on my back and gently rub and message the area with it. Bravo! she did it! AND the result! I felt to adore her as I have instantly got relieve from my severe back pain. I didn't forget to say immediate thanks to my wife and thanking my Grand Ma once again and said "I still love you and miss you. You were my best friend! RIP wherever you are".

Now for last 3 days I am regularly applying that solution with gentle rub from lower portion to upper portion on back side of my body. I am pretty relaxed now and feeling much more younger.


1. You need mustard oil - 5 spoon and
2. Garlic -4-5 bulbs of a clove.
3. You can also add little Turmeric.


Go to your kitchen and take a small utensil to fry them. Let the mixture burnt a little bit. At-least let garlic looks reddish brown. It should be sparingly hot; let it become little warmer to enable you to apply.

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